Our Commitment

Hotel Villabosque is an engaged family business with natural resources of future generations, customer satisfaction and active participation in social, cultural and natural aspects. That is why we decided to participate in the Sustainable Tourism Certification granted by Instituto Costarricense de Turismo ( to friendly hotels with the environment.

The rating of a hotel about how friendly it is with the environment depends on an evaluation from 1 to 5 leaves, 5 being the highest score.


Know more about the hotel sustainability policies, our good practices, our recycling and other programs.

Sustainability Policies of Villabosque Hotel:

  • Promote visitation to protected áreas in Costa Rica
  • Prohibit smoking in the áreas stipulated by NO SMOKING.
  • Help preserve the nature.
  • Promote local culture.
  • Save the water and electricity giving a corret use.
  • Reduce solid waste using the three Rs (refuse, reuse, recycle).
  • Offering tours and tourist activities to local companies.
  • Recruit and local staff.
  • Buy local products.
  • Promote the development and growth of organized groups in the area.
  • Train our staff in different areas.
  • Used as far as possible, biodegradable products.
  • Report abuse and extraction of the wildlife.
  • Rescue traditions, myths and legends.
  • Do not encourage the feeding of wild animals.
  • Introduce our customs, cuisines and local economic activities.
  • Reporto n our indigenous communities.

Donations of equipment to National Parks

Every year we make donations in kind to the National Parks in Costa Rica

Cleanup Espadilla Beach

Since 2011 Hotel Villabosque participates to clean Espadilla beach on Manuel Antonio.

Good practices:

  • Adequate separation of solid waste.
  • Saving water
  • Save electricity
  • Environment education.
  • Protect our culture.
  • Invite others to join in the protection of natural resources.
  • Use biodegradable products.

Titi Conservation Alliance

Titi Conservation Alliance has how misión saving the Titi monkey species because them are danger of extinction, Titi Conservation Alliance work hard to promoting sustainable development and conservation the biodiversity from the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica.


Hotel Villabosque separates solid waste cardboard, plastic, aluminum, tetra pak, tetra brick, glass, organic and household waste.

Organic wastes are donated to the pigsty Mr. Enock David, while non-organic (cardboard, plastic, aluminum, tetra pak, tetra brick, glass) are donated to ASOPROQUEPOS.


Know more about the hotel staff conduct policies and how we are helping our comunity.

Asociación Pro Bienestar del Anciano San Francisco de Asis

Since the year 2011 Hotel Villabosque supports economically at Asociación Pro Bienastar del Anciano San Francisco de Asis, it is an asociation for help the old man.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a change of mentality in the protection of our children against abuse and sexual commercial exploitation, Hotel Villabosque sue somebody that subjected a child to violence or sexual commercial exploitation.


Know more about the hotel philosophy and slogan.


The hotel is defined by four values: friendliness and personalized service, quality, honesty and cleanliness.

Our slogan

Keep working, work conserving.

Mission vision

Know more about the hotel mission and vision.

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide accomodation and food service exceeding quality expectations of our guests, ensuring the viability of the hotel in long term and in harmony with the nature.

Our Vision:

Hotel Villabosque wants to be that hotel who offers the best services of lodging, food and environmental sustainability in the Manuel Antonio are, giving quality and comfort that the client needs.


The hotel involved promoting and strengthening organized groups that strengthen our Costa Rican culture including stand.

Hotel Villabosque involved promoting and strengthening organized groups that strengthen our Costa Rican culture including stand;

Copaza Theater:

COPAZA theater is an association that seeks the intervention for the Prevention of Violence and Promotion of Social Peace, involving young people and adults in the canton of Aguirre.

COPAZA raise funds and promote education in the area of tourism and information technology.

Añoranzas de mi pueblo Dance group

He has over 20 years of experience folkorica, currently consists of eight members, who are residents of Canton de Aguirre; also they have a repertoire of more than 20 choreographies.